How to be an Autism Snake Oil Salesman! (Identifying “cure” frauds)

On the Invisible Strings Facebook page, I’ve poked fun at the numerous studies finding all sorts of different “causes” for autism. (Click here for a recent example.) It’s left-handed moms! No, it’s curly-headed dads! It’s, um…ladybugs? The downside to all of this info-clutter and misinformation: snake oil salesmen have been able to run wild. I’ve seen more phony cures lately than I can count. In all of the confusion and junk science, frauds have lept into the fray to make money off of vulnerable families.

So…I made a little video: “How to be an Autism Snake Oil Salesman.” This includes the 4 traits to look for when identifying medical frauds.

The products and methods may vary, but the underlying tactics are the almost aways the same. Watch…learn how these guys work…then reject their efforts accordingly. Behold:

You can find more discussions on the Invisible Strings Twitter and You Tube Channel. Recent posts: more bad science and bogus cures; the spectrum and alexithymia; and the interplay between autism and depression.
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